“The oldest silence speaks the loudest under the deep green sea.”   — Paul Simon

aloha_-_product_shotOur company is founded on the belief that surfing and skiing share a spiritual connection as originals in the world of action sports, both rooted in rich cultures and ancient histories and both fueled by timeless sources of peace and power — the ocean and the mountains.

These sports have always been interconnected, and the relationship now evolves to the surf.

We make this move in a spirit of Aloha: kindness, modesty, compassion, respect, unity and fearlessness. We are confident in the knowledge that as the two riding styles have learned to co-exist on snow, they will do the same on the surf.

Pioneers of the Stand Up Paddle movement in surfing are sensitive to the potential for conflict when traditional and stand up paddle surfers are in the same lineup. They offer a great guide to respecting your environment and other people when stand up paddle surfing.

With Stand Up Paddle Skis, we recognize that the potential for conflict may increase, and we recommend Paddle Surf Hawaii’s “Kook or Kool” page as a good place to start for all stand up paddlers.