Flat Water


We discovered flatwater paddle skiing truly by accident. Our goal was always to ski waves. But when we produced our first stand up paddle skis, being in Vermont the initial testing happened on Lake Champlain. With a simple footstrap binding, we developed a technique that incorporates a paddle stroke and leg kick into one rhythmic movement over water. We started cruising, figured ‘why not’ and were soon touring around local lakes and rivers.

Flatwater surf skiing feels a bit like snowshoeing or running on one of those elliptical machines at the gym. You transfer your weight from ski to ski and get propulsion from the rebound of the ski as you unweight it and it pops out of the water. They say paddleboarding is like walking on water. Well, paddle skiing is like running on water when you’re really going for it.

Paddle skiing combines balance, strength and coordination into a head-to-toe workout with extra emphasis on the quads, calves, pecs and inner thighs. And who doesn’t want stronger inner thighs?