Every wave a first descent …


Tow-in surf skiing is the most extreme discipline of the sport, as the historic Jaws sessions of 2011 — and the original big wave skiing mission to Maui in 2009 — showed.


It can take the form of steep wave faces, big barrels and high speeds. But it also covers towing at waves, using them as ramps for the whole array of freestyle and new school trickery. Slinging yourself at wave launching pads big and small can be some of the most fun possible on two skis.

New equipment is making tow-in/tow-at less logistically challenging and more accessible — not everyone owns a jet ski after all. New products like the Banshee Bungee and the Distortion Grinch Winch open the fun and insanity of sling surfing to more people.

Combine them with our skis and bindings, and the sky literally is the limit.