Skis and Bindings

The source for Tow-in, Kite and Stand Up Skis


The Starr Kite set-upstarr_kite_skis

Our kite skis are best for experienced kiters looking to get into carving ski turns, holding speed on that inside edge and picking out lines and airs on the waves. They come with hardshell bindings that stay on your feet until you are ready to unbuckle. High performance; no pre-releasing.

The Longboardskis_and_bindings_-_longboards_1

The Longboard is our first all-around stand up paddle ski. It is designed to perform in flatwater, whitewater and surf. The Longboard comes in 10-foot and 11-foot lengths. Width is 11 inches. Features ding-resistant surfboard construction, moderate rocker, and soft-to-hard rails.

The Rocket

The Rocket is custom built in partnership with McDermott Shapes. Ryan and Andrew McDermott bring years of experience building snow skis and surfboards to each project. They start from scratch with each pair of surf skis and discuss it with the customer to make sure you get exactly what you want — whether it’s for kiting, tow-ins or wake skiing. The Rocket can be mounted with alpine boots and bindings or Fluid Motion’s hardshell water ski boot.